Shocking beauty prices in Mexico! Hair, Nails and Lashes OH MY!!

So many people travel to Mexico to get all type of work done because it’s so much cheaper.  One thing I wanted to show you guys (or gals) was how much it costs to be beautiful in Mexico. In other words a salon visit lol. We all know it costs less but I want to show you exactly how much and explain everything I got done. 

I hadn’t had my hair done in I don’t even know how long and this crazy grey mop on my head needed a lot of attention.  I went to Kuka Salon in the colonia. The salon is located in Villas la Playa on the corner of Cocodrilo and Timon and you can take a short cab right there for $50 pesos or take the colectivo for $10 pesos and get dropped off right at the corner.  The location is great and right next to a taqueria, lavanderia and cafe. I met with Nelly and decided to get a few extra special things done as well to treat my self. 

Nelly’s salon is a very humble place and she was so welcoming and friendly. The first thing she did was brush out my hair to see how bad it was ( now you guys know why I always wear hats).  I had so many colors in my hair! I had asked for an hombre style which transitions from dark to a lighter color.  First she matched my natural hair with the color and applied the dye. This process took a really long time and I spent most of it looking like a Pinata or an antenna. You guys I’m not lying when I say this was the best color I’ve ever had, she even made my grey hair look more natural. When I used to live in San Diego this would usually cost me around $250 USD and with Nelly I only paid $75 USD! 

I also decided to opt for a lash treatment as well. This process was fairly quick.  First she placed a plastic piece just over my lashes and applied a glue to help them curl up, then she added a dye to make them really pop with a darker color. She washed out my color while my lashes were setting and I was able to relax and get my hair shampooed (my favorite part). This process was only $280 pesos (like $13 USD).  I ended up loving the end result. 

My hair cut, color and style was only $1500 pesos ($75 USD). 

Eyelashes $280 ($13 USD)

Nails $200 pesos ($10 USD)

I went back the second day to get my nails done.  I had popped off all of my acrylic nails from before and wanted to keep my natural nails but add something on top to make them stronger. I opted for a french tip and while the process may take longer than it does in the states I’ll say it was well worth it and especially for the price! I was so happy and felt like a new person all around. 

My total for everything was just under $2000 pesos  ($100 bucks!!!)  Let me know how much you would pay for all this where you’re from in the comments. And if you’re visiting Puerto and would like to make an appointment with Nelly you can reach her at 998 366 3272 or contact her on her Instagram nelysstyle.

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