About Me

Hi guys! Trish from My Trish Advisor, originally from Iowa, but now living in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

I took a VERY random roadtrip from San Diego to Cancun.  I drove with 6 people, 2 vehicles and my 2 dogs through 18 states of Mexico over 3,000 miles!  Whew!!  I landed in Puerto Morelos where I have lived for over 6 years.

I was scared the whole way driving through Mexico and even my time in Puerto Morelos because all my friends had me so freaked out that  I was going to end up dead or missing or who knows what else. I realized after 3 weeks that I wanted to move here.  Flew back sold All my stuff in San Diego, went back to say goodbye to family in Iowa and then flew back to Cancunwith three boxes.  I shortly realized that a lot of negative media was always being released about Mexico and released a few videos about my thoughts. Those videos went viralAnd basically this is how My Trish Advisor started.  Those 2 videos have over 2 million views between them.  Let me tell you I never want a viral video again, people are mean!!

Now My Trish Advisor is here to not only share fun and positive information about Mexico but also guide you and help you book your tours, hotels and transfers while here!  This is all in hopes that people come to love Mexico just as much as I do.

I am here to help you with finding the best places to EAT, STAY & PLAY in Mexico!

Want to know more!?  Watch my YouTube video below of My Story of how I ended up in Mexico!Please Subscribe to my Youtube here for all updates


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