Hey, amigos! We’re back!

Ok, well- we’ve been back for a while… More than a week of travel from my Day of the Dead trip to Merida, then on to Chiapas to scout my next group trip (check out my Facebook account for more info!), a stay at El CID with my mom, saying goodbye to mom, and THEN Thanksgiving. Yeah, it’s been a whirlwind! Needless to say, I’M TIRED.

But honestly, the Day of the Dead trip GAVE ME LIFE! And made me realize that this is REALLY where my passion lies- showing people how amazing Mexico is… But before I get to work planning my next trip, I want to take a second to fill you in on why I  chose Merida for Dia de Muertos 2023 and 2024…


Let me say this, THERE ARE SOOOO MANY AMAZING PLACES to visit during Dia de Muertos in Mexico. Please, read that again. 🙂 But for a big group, Merida is very accessible. Many members of the group flew into Cancun and hopped a bus. Others that were already in the Riviera Maya either drove (like us!) or also took the bus… One couple even flew into Merida! ( a bit more expensive but there is an international airport!)


Heading to a pueblito in rural Mexico would be amazing, but for a big group difficult. But Merida offers all of the modern day infrastructure to make getting around and day to day life easy. I mean, we stayed in a freaking palace, people! What more can you ask for?! 


Ok- this one is obvious if you follow me on social media… Merida really celebrates. There’s altars everywhere, various parades, music, food, festivals… It’s a melting pot of cultural happenings that can’t be beat! And everyone is so kind and welcoming. Just take a second and scroll through my pics on social media, and you’ll see what I mean! 

A few other things to note: Merida is safe! You can wander the streets at all hours. It’s one of the safest cities in Mexico. The streets are clean and easy to navigate! As long as you have Google Maps, you won’t get lost. And any time of the year, Merida is an exciting place to visit! It’s full of culture, history, great architecture, museums, all the things!! 

I’m still in a bit of a tired haze from all of the excitement, but like I mentioned, this trip gave me life! ESPECIALLY when I got this review I want to share with you all… It honestly made me cry…!!! 

I recently returned from a five day/four night trip with My Trish Advisor to Merida, Mexico for Dia de los Muertos. I cannot say enough positive things about Trish of My Trish Advisor, her customer service is above top notch.

Her choice of the the hotel El Palacito Secreto was amazing. The rooms, the grounds, the service and food were over the top. The staff had a ready smile any time of the day or night and were ready to assist in any way to make one’s stay even more memorable than it already was. Trish thoughtfully planned every detail to maximize the cultural experience of this important holiday in Mexico. Because of Trish’s attention to detail everything from the seamless airport transportation upon arrival to checking out days later went smoothly.

Trish organized a welcome dinner in which we all experienced Mayan food prepared by a team Trish brought in to host this special experience. We ate while the chef shared the significance of each dish and how it is prepared. This amazing experience is how we STARTED our trip with My Trish Advisor.

The following days included the building a group Ofrenda, transportation to the Parade of the Souls, a pool party at the lovely hotel pool, and the Parade of the Catrina’s (including face painting for each guest arranged by Trish!). One of my favorite activities was the hour bike ride on Paseo Montejo. The City closes this gorgeous avenue to car traffic and everyone bikes past the gorgeous mansions, cool cafe’s, upscale shops and street vendors.

Again, this was included and all organized by Trish. There was a final farewell dinner at a restaurant with a short museum tour immediately after. While this sounds like a crammed itinerary there was plenty of free time built in. This allowed for guests to pursue individual activities or just lounge by the pool, enjoying the lobby bar and socializing with the other guests (as well as Trish and Diego!).

Trish and Diego have the incredible skill to never stop servicing their clients needs while becoming friends at the same time! Breakfast was included each day and not only was it delicious, it was a nice time to socialize with the other guests on the trip. Trish was amazing. I honestly do not know how she spun so many dishes for so many people and the smile never left her face. Her husband Diego jumped in at the slightest need of any guest as well. I have used Trish to organize activities for me in the past while visiting Mexico and she never misses. However this trip took it to the next level. I was able to enjoy all the events of this busy time in Merida, without concern to the details, Trish took care of EVERYTHING!

I like to say that Trish of My Trish Advisor is the “big sister you need looking out for you in Mexico”! Do not hesitate to book any trip, excursion or service with My Trish Advisor, you will be happy you did!”


The group from Merida 2023!

So there ya have it, from your “big sis” in Mexico. Will I see you on my Dia de Muertos trip 2024?

Un abrazo, 



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