Las Koras Seafood

Nayarit style ceviche and seafood

Las Koras is a hidden gem!  Literally. Tucked in between the side streets of the colonia, this seafood joint has a very large menu and lots of yummy salsa, but can be a bit hard to find.  The ceviche is served “Nayarit” style– instead of the traditional chunks of fish, it has shredded fish making it FULL of flavor.  Get an order of tostadas and try for yourself; they are FULL of ceviche!

Trisha’s Tip: I usually order the ceviche tostadas and a chelada. A chelada is basically a beer-aid and the BEST way to keep your beer cold on a hot day!
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There are over 6,500 cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula! This underground river system has openings all over the jungle and this tour not only has ATVs and ziplines, but it also includes two types of cenotes! The first is an underground cave with stalactites hanging from the ceiling. The second is an open-air cenote surrounded by jungle.  Test your fear of heights by jumping from multiple platforms (as high as 40 feet!!) or dropping into the water from a zip line.
lasts 5 hours
$65 USD TOTAL/Per Person – ($35 USD Deposit)
lasts 5 hours
$75 REGULAR/Per Person – ($35 Deposit)
$75 REGULAR/Per Person – ($35 Deposit)
$85 REGULAR/Per Person – ($35 Deposit)
The most colorful spot in all of Puerto Morelos!