La Petita en La Playita

If you want beach dining, this is it! The tables are literally in the sand!! La Playita serves up fresh, delicious seafood with a view that can’t be beat. If you really want the authentic experience, order a ceviche!! A typical seafood dish in the Mexican Caribbean. Try a ceviche mixto; octopus, shrimp, fish, and more mixed together with tomatoes, onions, and cooked in lime juice. Fresh and SO YUMMY.

Trisha’s Tip: Order the COCONUT SHRIMP!
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Experience fine dining from START to FINISH!  The tour begins with a walk through the garden and the jungle.  Roque, your guide, will teach you all about the land (on which he was actually raised!).  Enlighten your senses in the food garden– taste and smell the freshness! Then let Chef Karla Romo explain how food is prepared, including the “pib” which is an ancient Mayan way to cook food below the ground.  You will then be served a 6-course menu, which includes handmade tortillas and fire oven bread, as well as dishes prepared with fresh ingredients from the organic garden. The meal is accompanied by a fine tasting of regional wines and Mexican mezcals.
lasts 12 pm to 7 pm
Join the hosts, Dona Sonia and Chef Marco, in the local B&B, Casa Caribe and learn how to make salsas and sauces, appetizers and main dishes. The menu will depend on the season and what strikes the Chef’s fancy (or yours!).
lasts 2.5 – 3 hours
$100 USD Per Person – ($15 USD Deposit)