Don Mexcal – Local bar, LIVE music

Meet the locals and have a good time!

Don Mexcal is the local hot spot to enjoy drinks and music.  Meet us here and find out that we love to have a good time! Most weekends you can find a live band playing in the back garden.  Be sure to sip on a shot of this bar’s namesake– MEZCAL!

Trisha’s Tip: Go, enjoy, dance and drink mezcal!
Outdoor seating
Air Conditioned Space
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Wanna experience tacos like a local?! You’re in luck because this tour takes you to the colonial area of Puerto Morelos, where you’ll get the REAL taco experience.  It includes 3 taco places and a stop in the town square.  These stops will serve up AUTHENTIC flavors– meat, cliantro, onions, homemade salsa and fresh tortillas!
3-4 hours
$75 USD TOTAL/Per Person – ($30 USD Deposit)
3-4 hours
$90 TOTAL/Per Person – ($30 Deposit)
Come visit the only Mayan ruins along the ocean, Tulum Mayan Ruins on a PRIVATE tour! This tour is customizable because you can also visit the Coba Mayan Ruins.  The Coba ruins are the only ones in the area that you can still climb!  Then We will also visit a cenote.  Cenotes are a part of an underground water system only located in this area.  Each cenote is unique and beautiful.  We will have options for tickets in the booking process.
6 to 10 hours -
Starting at $64USD per person for LARGER GROUPS


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