Casa Caribe Bed & Breakfast – Puerto Morleos

One word to describe Casa Caribe- CHARMING. The gorgeous hacienda-style architecture and the hospitality of the staff and management are what make this place the perfect stay!

I had the pleasure of staying here and absolutely LOVED it.  The bright, airy rooms are great for couples OR a perfect location to rent out the entire place for a family.  This boutique hotel only has 5 rooms making either option doable.  The location is perfect; 5 minute walk to the main square and 1 minute walk to the beach.  Based on bookings they will offer breakfast on location or offer a voucher for Mangata which is a delicious breakfast/lunch place just 5 minute walk away.  You will love your stay here and the staff are the sweetest and most hospitable team you will meet!

Additionally, this is a great space for a wedding or group event.  The outdoor space is such a great area to have a gathering.  We as locals have celebrated birthdays here and have had other local gatherings that easily held up to 80 people.  Would be great for small groups as well.

Trisha’s Tip: Keep a lookout for the pretty birds that are in the trees right outside the rooms. I spotted so many while chilling in the hammock on the patio!
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There are over 6,500 cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula! This underground river system has openings all over the jungle and this tour not only has ATVs and ziplines, but it also includes two types of cenotes! The first is an underground cave with stalactites hanging from the ceiling. The second is an open-air cenote surrounded by jungle.  Test your fear of heights by jumping from multiple platforms (as high as 40 feet!!) or dropping into the water from a zip line.
lasts 5 hours
$65 USD TOTAL/Per Person – ($35 USD Deposit)
lasts 5 hours
$75 REGULAR/Per Person – ($35 Deposit)
$75 REGULAR/Per Person – ($35 Deposit)
$85 REGULAR/Per Person – ($35 Deposit)
Nayarit style ceviche and seafood
Come not only TASTE Tequila but come and SEE Tequila!  YES, Tequila is also a town in Jalisco, Mexico!  You get a full experience of tequila, yes of course taste it, but also see the whole process.  You will stop in the agave fields and see the plant in its natural form where you will want to take your instagram photos with these beautiful plants.  Then you stop for a tasting in a beautiful hacienda where the agave plant is processed.  You will walk through the entire process and have a whole new appreciation for this drink!
7-8 hours
$60 USD


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