Hi guys! Trish from My Trish Advisor, originally from Iowa, but now living in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. I’m here to share fun and positive information about Mexico in hopes that people come to love this place just as much as I do. Check out my map to discover all of my favorite places to EAT, STAY, and PLAY. From my favorite tacos to my go-to tour, all locations are hand picked by me and My Trish Advisor approved!

 **All places I recommend are because I genuinely enjoy them and think these places will be good for you to enjoy.  I do receive commissions for booking resorts, hotels and condos.  Please if you BOOK because of my recommendation please please be sure to tell them.  A lot of this is based on a HONESTY POLICY as I do not know how to really be sure to collect a commission for all my efforts to create this platform to help you enjoy this area.  You can always email me at MyTrishAdvisor@gmail.com**